ECO-Friendly Bathroom Ceiling (Swan)

10,000.00 4,999.00

Standard: Center Ceiling + Access Hole + Side panel
Material: ABS
Size : 2,220×1,750
Option: Ventilating fan, LED lighting, Light flush with the ceiling

Country of Origin: South Korea



Eco Bath (Bathroom Ceiling System) from Korea are produced on the basis of functionality and the best technology for enterprise customers to prioritize mental health. Product is gives out the inter-purge feature bathrooms with noise, and harmless to the human body does burn well when the material nature,is a product made from environment-friendly materials that can be reproduced. Out of the conventional planar structure newly born with domed ceiling of the three-dimensional structure.                                                                                                                                                                                             

This material is high-quality three-dimensional space can feel the atmosphere of the bathroom ceiling of the domeshape can produce steady luxuriously spacious. Always seek the ceiling material evolution by introducing a new design.

Compared to other products in this innovative construction materials and features simple and feeling operate a professional construction team of excellent Eco Bath bathroom ceiling material can increase the satisfaction of the consumer.


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