PURIPIA Snow blossom cream (Made In Korea)

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PURIPIA Snow blossom cream developed as moisturizing cream which has not only supplying moisture but also cooling effect. Unlike regular moisture cream, PURIPIA Snow blossom cream is made of micro aqua capsules, which are in a singular particle form and help the skin temperature decreasing.

“It is better to use when summer season is coming”, In summer season, the skin stimulated by strong UV ray and heat. So that the skin loses moisture and collagen. It cause darkening the skin tone and wrinkles.

This micro aqua capsules texture looks like sherbet, therefore it gives special and fun using experiences.


  • Dual functioned products for whitening and wrinkle improvement
  • To provide moisturizing for skin losing vitality
  • Immediately cooling down the skin temperature
  • To calm stimulated skin by strong UV ray and heat

 Origin= KOREA

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Point ingredients

  • Micro aqua capsule : cooling, moisturizing
  • Centella Asiatica Extract: wound healing, rejuvenation
  • Portulaca oleracea Extract: Brightening up, Ain-aging

Benefits of using PURIPIA Snow blossom cream

  • Cooling down the skin temperature When the skin is irritated by UV ray and heat, the skin temperature gets higher than 41℃.If the skin temperature stays up to 36℃, the skin loses its water and collagen. It cause darkening the skin tone and increasing wrinkles.
  • Immediately supplying moisture Aqua capsules formed to sherbet melts into users’ skin and replenished moisture to keep skin without dryness.
  • Calming stimulated skin by strong UV ray and heat Natural herbal ingredients such as centilla sprout extract to treat wounds calms skin that has been stimulated.


After cleansing, prepare clean skin with toner and take an appropriate amount spread evenly and lightly tap so that the micro aqua capsules melt into the skin


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