Dewbell Refill Filter

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  • f you have skin problems often without reason
  • Remove rust, debris and tap water chlorine briefly with the shower filter
  • If you feel uneasy after washing your hairRefill filter


Dewbell Sudoae F-15 Refill Filter

1.Feature. 1)Removal of rust and piping, chlorine removal function Remove the piping and rust components from most domestic waterways and remove residual chlorine that is harmful to the delicate skin/ hair 2)Effect on atopic sensitive skin Cleaning/ showering with removed residual chlorine , one of the causes of atopic skin is good for preventing atopic skin, dry skin, and hair 3)Visual super-simplification, Easy refil filter exchange. It’s designed to be easy to install in showers, washbashins, washing machines and only open the lid to allow easy exchange of internal filters. The outer case is made of top-of-the-line transparent material to check filter cotamination 4)Large capacity filter -For a family of four, only internal refills can be exchanged every 1~3 months. -If old pipes or rust come out, their life span is about one month. 2.Installation 1)Use a spanner to loosen the shower connection. 2)Connect the enclosed part to the tab. 3)Attach the product to the connected nut. 4)Connect the shower to the product. 3.How to change the filter(Filter Lifespan:1~3 months) 1)Replacement Cycle: Approx. 1~3 months 2)If the filter is contaminated completely or water pressure get remarkably lower , just open the cap and then put in the refil


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