I.DA. HWA All in one “Moisture Lotion” (300ml)

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I.DA.HWA All in one moisture lotion origin from korea helps to provide sufficient moisture to your
skin as Bathing can lead to skin dryness and that time our skin need instead moisture and
hydration  this moisture lotion is made with 100% skin-natural nutrients it also contains
Vegetable dextrin &Yucca extract Regenerates & stimulates new cells at epidermal layer of
your skin .

1. For all skin type, Suitable for daily use
2. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
3. Gentle, hypoallergenic and pH neutral formula
4. Free from parabens, dyes and phthalates.
5. Dermatologist and pediatrician tested

  •  Brand = I.DA.HWA
  •  Name=  Moisture lotion
  •  Origin= KOREA
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To remove the entire unpleasant odor   

When unknowing and unpleasant odor keep coming out from the body, this product is useful to remove the odor. Unlike other regular deodorant products, this product doesn’t have strong scent to cover the unpleasant odor. This product is simply helping to remove the cause of the unpleasant order.

Therefore, even after using this product, user can use other their favorite perfume whenever they want.

To moisture to face and body.                                                                                                                                       

This product is made for face and also body. It contains one of the functional materials for the wrinkle improvement.

“How to Use It”                                                                                                                                                           

Pumping the product around one to two times.

Supplying and gently taping to absorb around dry areas on face and body/

Cautions In Use

When you use this product, please watch out to not touch eyes and mouth area.


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