Dewbell Water Filter System for “Shower line”

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  • lines that supply your water from the city.
  • In addition, showering in chlorinated water can produce harmful effects for your skin and hair.
  • Extremely simple and easy. It’s very simple to install the filter system wherever you want to. Changing filters is also very easy.
  • High capacity filter standard for a family of four, the average replacement of a filter is approximately 1-3 months.
  • Easy refill filter exchange. It is designed for easy installation in showers, washbasins, washing machines. The outer case is made of top Removes rust, harmful substance concentrated in water. Sand, sediment, and debris can come from the water -of-the-line transparent material to check filter contamination.


Dewbell shower filter is an innovative Korean product designed to provide you the water in its purest form by removing all the contamination

Components – Main case 1EA- Inner filter (Economy type) 1EA – Connecting Parts for Shower line 1EA3.

Installation 1) Check the location of water valves under wash basin2) Turn off the valve before installation3) Disassemble the hose or pipe from the valve by wrench4) Connect the metal nut side of the enclosed metal hose to the valve5) Connect the white nut side of the enclosed metal hose to the side of the main case6) Then, connect hose under the basin to the other side of the main case.


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